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Star Cluster


My name is Ashley Mayer

Since I was a little girl, I knew I was different from everyone in a good way. At the age of 4 I started having visions that would come true moments later. The visions continued as I got older, but I brushed it off for years.


When I was 18, I had a near death experience from a car accident.  That was when I realized that I had more spiritual gifts than I thought.  It completely changed my life.  I realized I could communicate with the other side.


My intuitive abilities are both multi-faceted and multi-dimensional.  I have the ability to communicate with your loved ones from the other side.  I also have the ability to see the future.  I have made many predictions for my clients that have come true.   I'm able to see past lives.  


My purpose is to help you on your path to ascension through healing practices and bringing peace to your mind.  I can help you realize your fullest potential here on earth.   Remember, your destiny lies in your hands and the future can always change. I hope by choosing to work with me, that I can help lift you up in some way.

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