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Hello and Welcome!

Welcome to my page! I am so excited for you all to be here. I have had spiritual gifts since I was a child. I knew some how or another I was meant to do this work one day. Now here I am writing my first blog post! I highly encourage you all to check out my podcast on Spotify & Anchor it's called Angelic Radio. I try to record as many times as possible, however I am in the health care industry and sometimes I get caught up with my life. That will give you a basis on how I noticed my spiritual gifts. One thing that my grandfather always told me is that we are all psychic, if we are willing to awaken our abilities to our full potential then that is our choice. We all have free will, we create our own realities, and the future always changes. So all I ask is that you use your discernment, lead with an open heart and never give up on your dreams.

xoxo Ashley

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